Industry-Based Certifications

Industry-Based Certifications (IBC) are valuable in multiple career clusters. The certifying entity determines all requirements for their certification and additional information is available on the certifying entities website. The Eagle Pass Independent School District offers students many opportunities to earn current industry based certifications through our CTE courses. These certifications will help students, as they exit high school, with gainful employment or assist in continuing their education.

An IBC, by definition, is based on a workplace analysis of proficiency needs within an occupation or a technical area that reflects performance requirements of employers in an industry. Equipping students with relevant industry recognized certifications and licensures is one more way to ensure that the CTE programs of the EPISD can prepare students for the industries of the 21st Century.

Certifications may vary by school. Visit with your CTE teacher(s) or CTE Counselor for further assistance.

The following list includes but are not limited to all Industry-Based Certifications and Certificate's of Completion available in the myriad of programs of study offered by the Eagle Pass Independent School District - Career and Technical Education Department.

Industry-Based Certifications per Cluster

Certificates of Completion per Cluster

Cert List EPISD-22-23.pdf
Certificateds List EPISD-22-23.pdf